Private Voice Lessons

Students interested in taking private voice lessons are encouraged to do so and may receive letter points in the vocal music program.

Ms. Janeen Hudak-Griepp

Three to Five 25 minute lessons per month.
$72 is due the first week of every month. Fees never reflect a missed lesson. Checks should be written out to Janeen Hudak-Griepp, not to the school. Receipts are available for tax purposes upon request.
A $5 late fee will be applied if fees are not paid by the first week of the month.
Knock on the door at your lesson time. If you arrive late for your lesson, the lesson will still need to end as scheduled.
Students can be expected to practice a minimum of a half-hour per day outside of regular school rehearsals.
· All lessons that I cancel will be rescheduled. All other missed lessons will not be made up.
· If you know you will miss a lesson due to conflicts in your schedule, I would strongly suggest trying to switch times with another student for that week. 
· Fees will always be $72 per month and will never reflect missed lessons.

Students are encouraged to participate in scheduled master classes, solo/ensemble, and recitals. Performance participation is always an option and never a requirement. All of the student performances are open to the public and parents are encouraged to attend.

Mr. Ken Jenson


I expect that you will will be at your lesson during your scheduled time. If I have to cancel your lesson, I will make it up or I will not charge you for the lesson. If you cannot be there, I would expect that you would let me know the day before. I may be able to make up a lesson missed by you, but you will still be charged for that lesson.

My fee is $20 per half hour lesson. I would prefer that you pay by the month. I will give you an invoice at the end of the month. If you would rather pay at the beginning of the month, that would also be just fine.

I will give you a study copy of your music. Always bring it to your lessons. If you don't have your music, it is difficult to work on your song. I will also make a practice accompaniment for you. I can send you an MP3 or burn a CD if you prefer. It will include one version with your part and a second one with just the accompaniment.

Practicing is the most important part of your progress. You will improve only by creating good vocal technique and focusing on your particular technical issues. If you only practice your songs it will further solidify your inefficient habits. You should try to spend 10 minutes just practicing vocal exercises in order to address your particular vocal issues. Then you should try to spend time learning your songs and finally merging your technique work into those songs.

If you sing a recital program or event that requires a paid accompanist (someone other than me), you will be expected to cover those fees. I will help you hire the accompanist.

If you are interested in studying with me, please call or email me. I will be happy to speak with you and then we can try to set up a lesson time.