Classroom Etiquette

All vocal music students will be expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Understanding that a successful ensemble demands individual responsibility and mental focus.
  • Teamwork and an understanding that an ensemble is only as strong as its least attentive member.
  • Leadership in their section and contribution to the success of the ensemble.
  • A positive attitude and sharing it honestly, sincerely, and respectfully.
  • Volunteering to help without hesitation.
  • Completion of all assigned worksheets and evaluations thoroughly and with attention to detail.
  • Treatment of their robe or dress with care and responsibility.
  • Use of pencil to write in music any notes provided from the director.
  • Consistently returning their music folder to its correct slot following rehearsal or outside practice.
  • Appropriate posture when sitting and standing to promote good vocal health.
  • Refraining from working on homework for other classes during rehearsal.
  • Never chewing gum in the classroom or when singing.
  • Leaving food, candy, and beverages other than water outside classroom.
  • Respecting the music, the ensemble members, and the joy of making music together!