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Bel Canto

About the Ensemble

Bel Canto is a curricular Level I choir for freshmen treble voices. Curriculum focuses on healthy and efficient vocal production, ensemble techniques, choral repertoire from varied time periods and styles, and music literacy through regular sight-singing, ear-training, and music theory.

In addition, this ensemble is an inclusive environment which supports freshmen in their transition to high school. All Bel Canto members are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude and strong work ethic each day. Some seasonal evening/weekend concerts are a requirement for this course (see Calendar).

Bel Canto is co-directed by Ms. Laura Tempel and Ms. Michelle Bendett.

2018-2019 Bel Canto Syllabus


Rehearsal Skills Rubric

The Rehearsal Skills Rubric used in class is available via this link.