Lettering Policy

Students have the opportunity to earn a letter for vocal music by accumulating points in areas listed below. It is the responsibility of the student, not the parent, guardian, or director, to complete lettering activities and turn in a completed lettering progress card after each.

A total of 35 points are required to letter in vocal music. To get full points for an activity or ensemble, a commitment of one academic year or the duration of a production is required. Points carry over from year to year until a letter is awarded. Students may only earn one vocal music letter per academic year. If 35 points are achieved and a letter awarded before the end of the academic year, students will return to zero points and begin progressing toward their next letter in the following year. Only activities completed during the academic year count for lettering points. Progress cards and documentation (concert reviews, etc.) should be submitted to a faculty member before the end of each term. A final deadline will be announced during the third trimester. Students must abide by all Minnesota State High School League rules to obtain a letter.

Vocal Music Lettering Progress Card

 10  Member of Rebelution (per year).
 10  Private voice lessons (per year).
 7  Participation in CPHS fall season musical theatre, if not used toward a letter in theatre.
 7 Participation in CPHS spring season musical theatre, if not used toward a letter in theatre.
 5  Member of Carolers (per year).
 5  Member of NWSC All-Conference Choir.
 5  Member of National Honor Choir.
 5 Member of All-State Honor Choir.
 5 Member of Ninth & Tenth Grade Honor Choir.
 5  Accompanist for a solo, small ensemble, or choir.
 5  Full-year service as an elected Vocal Music officer.
 2Audition for National Honor Choir. 
 2  Audition for All-State Honor Choir.
 2 Audition for Ninth & Tenth Grade State Honor Choir.
 2  Perform a choral work at a CPHS function, coronation, or talent show.
 1  Attend a concert in which you did not perform and submit a concert review. Maximum 5 points.
 1  Perform the Star Spangled Banner at a school event, with director approval. Maximum 5 points.
 TBA  Music activities to benefit the Vocal Music program, arranged with director. Maximum 5 points.
 25  Member of the Vocal Music program for the third full year.
 10  Member of the Vocal Music program for the fourth full year.