All-State Honor Choir

Minnesota All-State is a program to develop the finest musicians and leaders among Minnesota's most accomplished high school students. The program is coordinated by the Minnesota Music Educators Association (MMEA). Students experience a live audition in a 'blind' or anonymous setting, to prepare them for college entrance auditions or other auditions in their musical experiences after high school. The All-State festival week focuses on many different skills, including musical expressiveness, instrument or voice specific techniques, cultural or historical context for the selected repertoire, leadership skills in a music ensemble, and critical social and independent-living skills as students live and study outside of their home and their existing school/social groups. The February 'reunion' rehearsals and concerts teach students the discipline and focus required to prepare in 24–36 hours what was previously prepared in six days. They also learn the challenge of quickly reestablishing a high-functioning team.

Watch the Vocal Music Calendar for audition dates.

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