Treble Choir

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About the Ensemble

Treble Choir is an advanced-level choir for treble voices in grades 10-12. Recognized widely as a high-quality ensemble, Treble Choir presents diverse, demanding programs for our school and broader community. The curriculum focuses on healthy and efficient vocal production, ensemble techniques, choral and solo repertoire from diverse styles and time periods, and music literacy through regular sight-singing, ear-training, and music theory.

Members of this group are highly motivated, goal-oriented, and make incredible strides in musicianship each year. In addition, this ensemble is an inclusive environment where all team members respect and value one another. All Treble Choir members are expected to demonstrate a strong work ethic, maturity, rigor, and contribute positively to the ensemble on a consistent basis. Some evening/weekend performances are a requirement of this course (see Calendar).

Auditions for Treble Choir are held each spring for the following academic year and require sight-singing proficiency, demonstration of efficient and healthy vocal technique, competency in tonal center and tonal memory, and advanced competency of all Level I choir learning targets.

2019-2020 Treble Choir Syllabus