Student Choir Funds

The vocal music program partners with the Champlin Park High School Vocal Music Association to maintain an account where students may accrue fundraising revenue and family contributions to be used for travel, apparel, audition fees, or other activities sponsored by the Vocal Music department. Monies earned through fundraising activities must be used within the department. Any fundraised monies remaining at the time of graduation are contributed to the Vocal Music Excellence Fund to be used for scholarships and other program expenses at Association discretion. Monies deposited by students and families may be refunded when replaced by fundraised monies.

Several opportunities may be available throughout the year for students to earn money for their Vocal Music Association account. Opportunities may include the sale of fundraising merchandise (e.g. food items, holiday poinsettias), performance opportunities for select ensembles, and individually solicited sponsorships.

Students will never be required to participate in fundraising activities. It is up to each student and their family to determine the best way to cover program-related expenses. If a student requires assistance with a particular expense, a parent or guardian should contact a faculty member by email or phone.

In a typical year, non-traveling ensembles will incur minimal expenses.

Touring ensembles will be asked to make installment payments toward the cost of their trips prior to departure.

Individual student fund balances are updated regularly and available to students and families upon request. Please email the Vocal Music Association treasurer directly with any student fund questions or fundraising suggestions.